Larry K. & Lorna Collins

The Memory Keeper ; a historical novel set in san Juan Capistrano, has been named a finalist for the 2015 EPIC eBook Award.

...And a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe ; the sixth in our Aspen Grove series of sweet romances, is now available. Four women discover good luck in love when a silver sixpence appears to change each of their lives.

What We're Doing.

Lorna CollinsLorna and Larry are working on their next Agapé Jones mystery, Murder With Honor. They are also researching the sequel to The Memory Keeper. On the back burner is another fantasy novel. She also edits professionally.

Larry K. Collins Larry has nearly completed a new science-fiction trilogy called The McGregor Chronicles. Book 1, Saving Mike should be published early next year. He and Lorna are also researching the sequel to The Memory Keeper and working on the next Agapé Jones mystery, Murder With Honor. Read about his adventures as an engineer in "Swingrope for Fun and Profit"


Saturday, January 24, 2015 – Mystery on the Menu luncheon at the Cerritos Library, 18025 Bloomfield Ave., Cerritos, CA
Thursday, February 19, 2015 – Laguna Woods Writing Class, Clubhouse 2 at Laguna Woods Village
Sunday afternoon, March 15, 2015 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. – San Juan Capistrano Library Bookstore, 31495 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano, CA

We're still enjoying our new Zen Garden.

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...And a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

And a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe cover design

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, And a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

The Memory Keeper

The Memory Keeper cover design

Near the end of his sixty-ninth year, Acjachemen Indian, Tomás Romero, born in 1820 in San Juan Capistrano, recalls the events of his life.

The Art of Love

The Art of Love cover design

Finding love is an art, and these artists (and aspiring artists) discover that love, like art, requires more than talent.

Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer cover design

When unemployed computer programmer Nan Burton inherits a California beach cottage from her great-great-aunt, she's delighted. But she’s in for a huge surprise...

An Aspen Grove Christmas

An Aspen Grove Christmas cover design

Christmas is a magic time, especially when love is all around and Aspen Grove, CO celebrates five weddings and a family celebration.

Lakeview Park

Lakeview Park cover design

Many people enjoy Lakeview Park, and each one has a unique story. Between the pages, you'll meet: fifteen of them.

Directions of Love

Directions of Love cover design

Best friends Kimi, Melinda, Jacque, and Lilianna grew up together, but went in separate directions. They're now invited to their twentieth high school reunion.

Murder in Paradise

Murder in Paradise cover design

On an early morning paddle, Agapé Jones' outrigger team finds a body in the water off Maui, thrusting him into unexpected danger.

Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love cover design

Written with the same gals, is a collection of four 'sweet' romances. That means there are no embarrassing sex scenes. This is one you can give as a gift to your mother!

Murder ...They Wrote

Murder ...They Wrote cover design

August 1, 2009
The first book about retired detective, Agapé Jones. We are currently at work on the sequels.

Snowflake Secrets

Snowflake Secrets cover design

A family story of four sisters with some romance and inspiration in the mix. Each sister tells her own story, but the book is also a complete story.

31 Months in Japan

The Building of a Theme Park

31 Months in Japan cover design

About our adventures in Japan building the Universal Studios theme park.